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Book - The Farmers' Calendar or Utica Almanack, 1821. BookA0101
Book - The Farmer's Diary or Western Almanack: 1836 (Ithaca), 1839 (Canandaigua), 1841 (Canandaigua), 1844 (Bath), 1846 (Elmira). BookA0102
Book - Phinney's Calendar or Western Almanac, Cooperstown: 1815, 1818, 1843.BookA0201
Book - The Farmers' Almanack and Ephemeris of the Motions of the Sun & Moon by David Young, Ithaca: 1843; 1846, 1847, 1848, 1852. BookA0301
Book - The Farmers' Almanack and Ephemeris of the Motions of the Sun & Moon sold by C. Preswick, Elmira: 1858, 1859. BookA0302
Book - The Farmers' Almanack and Ephemeris of the Motions of the Sun & Moon sold by Hall Brothers, Elmira: 1866, 1868. BookA0303
Book - The Christian Almanac for the Western District Calculated for the Meridian of Rochester, NY, 1833. BookA0401
Book - The Christian Almanac for New-York, Connecticut and New-Jersey Calculated for the Meridian of New York City: 1833, 1839, 1840.BookA0402
Book - The Whig Almanac and United States Register, Greeley & Melrate, New York City: 1845, 1848, 1850, 1853, 1855.BookA0501
Book - The Temperance Almanac by the New-York State Temperance Society: 1834, 1835.BookA0601
Book - Ayer's American Almanac by Dr. J.C. Ayer & Co.: 1864, 1867, 1877, 1889, 1891, 1912, 1914.BookA0701
Book - Hostetter's Illustrated United States Almanac for Merchants, Mechanics, Miners, Famers, Planters and General Family Use: 1876, 1889, 1904, 1906. BookA0801
Book - The North American Almanac: 1927, 1928.BookA0901
Book - Farmers' and Mechanics' Almanac compliments of A.L. Scovill & Co.: 1861, 1864. BookA1001
Book - New York State Almanac and Diary Gazetter published by Wells, Richardson & Co., 1885. BookA1002
Book - Green's Diary Almanac published by G.G. Green, 1885-6.BookA1003
Book - The Diamond Dye Almanac and Household guide, 1887. BookA1004
Book - Merchant's Gargling Oil Calendar, Almanac and Songster, 1888.BookA1005
Book - Hoofland's Almanac and Family Receipt Book for Everybody's Use, 1890. BookA1006
Book - National Calendar or Herrick's Almanac published by Dr. Herrick's Family Medicines, 1891. BookA1007
Book - Burdock Blood Bitters Almanac and Key to Health, 1891. BookA1008
Book - The Shaker Family Almanac, 1892. BookA1009
Book - Dr. Miles New U.S. Weather Almanac and Handbook of Valuable Information, 1905. BookA1010
Book - Dr. D. Jayne's Medical Almanac and Guide to Health, 1905. BookA1011
Book - Velvet Joe's Almanac compliments of Liggett & Myer's Tobacco Co., 1920. BookA1012
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